About Hepsiburada


We bring speed and quality together with Hepsiburada Market, our service, where we deliver our customers' needs such as groceries, food, water and flowers at the time they want. With the advantages we offer and our superior service understanding, we bring a rich variety of products from the most favorite markets to our customers' doors.


HepsiPay Wallet, a secure and innovative payment service, takes the online shopping experience to the next level and enable our customers to make their payments quickly and smoothly. With the Virtual POS service we provide to our business partners, we support their digital transformation and business processes.


HepsiJet, which combines outstanding service with technology, revolutionizes the transportation industry. With innovative services available in all 81 provinces of Turkey, ranging from delivery to returns, we offer both our customers and business partners a brand new shopping experience.


HepsiAd is a service that offers both businesses operating on our platform and different e-commerce websites next-generation advertising technologies and solutions, made possible thanks to our profound know-how and strong IT infrastructure. Thus, we help businesses to increase their brand awareness and make efficient investments that will contribute positively to their success.


Hepsilojistik is a service offered in six warehouses located throughout Turkey, which provides assistance to businesses operating on Hepsiburada and other e-commerce platforms with storage, addressing, packaging, transportation, invoicing, delivery, and returns. With this service, we help businesses save time and money, as well as reduce their workload.


Through our "E-Export" model implemented in collaboration with HepsiGlobal, we offer companies from Turkey and all around the world the opportunity to sell products abroad. While bringing businesses together with millions of new customers and world markets, we provide our customers with millions of products from abroad at advantageous prices in a fast and practical way.


Hepsiburada Seyahat enables our customers to purchase domestic and international airline tickets easily with just a few clicks. Offering many advantages and easy payment options, we strive to provide our customers with the perfect service.